Unibot Ball is a futuristic sport featuring robots with vacuum guns
playing multi-hoop basketball through a variety of challenging arenas.
Unibot Ball is a single player, time trial PC game.
It has a casual playstyle that is built in a 3D world.
The player has a choice of different maps, or arenas, within which to test their abilities.

This game is made by first year students at Nord University in Steinkjer, Norway.

Recommended to download and play the exe file.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run the Unibot Ball v1.0.exe.


Unibot Ball v1.0.exe 170 MB


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Great game.  Really fun and the game feels complete.  My only suggestions would be to make the distance the ball can be sucked in a bit farther.  Also when you lose a ball they are so bouncy I couldn't catch them. But after improving after a few minutes of play I could get 1000 points pretty easy.  Awesome concept, good job.